Now the mobile Sportozoid application for Windows Phone 7 Mango phones is available.



 Application Sportozoid WP7


Please download it, comment and share Your opinions. It's the first version of the application and the next versions are planned.


Below the short functions list is presented:


After the application run the main screen is presented:


The user status and GPS signal strength icon


The icon presents the actual user status by change in background-color:


  1. green background color -  anonymous user or user logged OK
  2. blue background color  - no data connection
  3. red background color - login or password incorrect


Start screen

 The map is located in the middle part of the screen - if the location services are active the actual location is presented.


 In the top location of the screen we can see the control window with:


  1. the user status and GPS signal strength icon
  2. the choosen activity type icon
  3. the data transmission status icon
  4. the actual distance
  5. the actual measurement


 In the bottom part of the screen the "Start" and "Settings" buttons are located..



Below picture presents the third situation where login or password were incorrect:


Incorrect login or password


The icon presents the GPS signal strength:

GPS initialization
No GPS data
GPS data available



The picture below shows the situation when the full GPS data is available:


Full GPS


The choosen activity icon


The icon presents the choosen activity type.



The data transmission status icon


If the icon is active it means that there is data to transmit.



The actual measurement


After clicking in the actual measurement area label ex: "Avg. 5. speed" we can change the actually presented measurement type. One can choose from:


  1. last 5 measurements average speed (measurements every 10 m)  - so its 50m average
  2. average speed (the whole distance)
  3. speed
  4. last 5 measurements average pace (as above)
  5. average pace (as above)
  6. total time


After clicking "Settings" button at the main screen we go to the settings page:



 One can choose the language version, login or create the account in the service.




In the next screen we have "Statistics":



The synchronized and to be synchronized number of the tracks is presented (synchronization starts immediately after the application start if the data connection is available).




In the next screen we can manage the location services:







After clicking the "Start" button at the main screen the can choose activity type:


Choose activity

 At the screen we can choose activity type, setup the visibility, give a short description.




Of course after the good training You can review it at the portal or see the Statistics


Please download and use Cool !


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